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Yu-Gi-Oh Hexors - Board Game

A board game insThe Yu-Gi-Oh anime series.


Yu-Gi-Oh! Hexors

Yu-Gi-Oh! Hexors

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Yu-Gi-Oh is an animated television series for children. In the show, Yugi and his friends compete in the "Duel Monsters" tournament against Maximillion Pegasus to stop him from obtaining the power of the mystical "Millennium Items."

The game Yu-Gi-Oh Hexors (2 players, ages 7 and up) is a board game with a collectible angle. The starter set comes with everything necessary to play the beginner game, including two character tiles (hexes) and eight monster tiles.

The Yu-Gi-Oh Hexors beginner game, which is very simple, starts as each player chooses a character tile and four monster tiles. The character tiles begin on the two gray spaces on the board; the monster tiles must begin within two spaces of the character tiles.

Players take turn moving their tiles until two opposing tiles are adjacent to each other. When that happens, each player rolls the special strike die (which has six different colors on the six sides) and compare their relative strike values. Each character tile and monster tile has six strike values, corresponding to the six colors on the die. The player whose tile has the higher value wins the fight and the losing tile is removed from the board. In the event of a tie, both players re-roll the strike die.

When one of the character tiles is defeated, that player loses and the game ends.

In the advanced game, new tiles and special powers are introduced. To play the advanced game, you need to buy expansion tile sets.

Among the new elements in the Yu-Gi-Oh Hexors advanced game are trap tiles and star gems, element bonuses, and pods.

Trap tiles, of which there are a dozen varieties, can only be added to the board by spending star gems -- which are earned by winning battles. An example of the trap tiles is the Mystic Barrier, which is placed on the board as a permanent wall. The player who places it can jump over the barrier, but his opponent must go around.

Element bonuses are found on the character tiles, and each time one of that character's monsters is involved in a battle the bonus is added to its base score.

Pods are groups of monster and/or character tiles -- any time a monster or character that's part of a pod is involved in a battle, it gets a +1 bonus.

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