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Two-Player Game Reviews

Reviews of board games designed specifically for two players or which are exceptionally good with two players.

Battle Ball
A futuristic football game for two players, Battle Ball is roaring good fun for players who won't take it too seriously.

Coda won't force you to use all your brain cells, so if that's what you look for in a deduction game, don't pick up this game. But if you would enjoy a light 20-minute deduction game, Coda is for you.

Election Quest
Election Quest will appeal primarily to those fascinated by United States politics in 2004. Few others will have interest in it, as the gameplay is too weak to appeal to gamers.

Fightball takes basketball into the future, with shooters and blockers, shots and balls being played all over the court at a furious pace. The best coached team will win.

Fish Eat Fish
Fish Eat Fish is a clever abstract game that can be played and enjoyed by novices and children, but offers enough depth to appeal to serious gamers and adults.

Harry's Grand Slam Baseball Game
A review of the card game Harry's Grand Slam Baseball, published by Out of the Box Publishing.

HeroScape Fortress of the Archkyrie
A review of the Fortress of the Valkyrie castle expansion for the board game HeroScape.

HeroScape Master Set
A review of the fantasy battle board game HeroScape, published in 2004 by Hasbro / Milton Bradley.

Lord of the Rings - The Confrontation
Fans of The Lord of the Rings will find The Confrontation to be engaging, challenging and entertaining. This is a brilliantly designed two-player strategy game.

Marvel HeroScape
A review of the board game Marvel HeroScape, published by Hasbro in 2007.

Star Wars Attacktix
A review of the game Attacktix, a Star Wars-themed game published by Hasbro.

Star Wars Epic Duels - Game Review
If you've ever wondered who would win between Darth Maul and Han Solo, or a straight-up battle between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Emperor Palpatine, Epic Duels is the game you've been waiting for.

Star Wars Stratego
If you're into both Stratego and Star Wars, you'll dig this game.

A review of the card game Voltage, designed by Brian Yu and published by Mattel in 2006.

War and Sheep
Competing flocks of sheep try to eat the best grass while avoiding the wolves in this two-player game.

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