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Knights of Charlemagne - #9 Card Game of 2006
Knights of Charlemagne

Knights of Charlemagne

Photo courtesy of Playroom Entertainment
Knights of Charlemagne

Designed by Reiner Knizia; published by Playroom Entertainment; 2 to 4 players; ages 8 and up; $18 (approximate)

This is another in a long line of clever card games from Knizia. Players compete to win control of estates (manors and cities) by playing knight cards (value 1 to 5) that match either the color or the number of the estate they’re going for. Once the draw deck is exhausted, the five manors are scored by determining which player has the most total knight points on each manor. The five cities are then scored by simply counting knights -- their value is insignificant. Knights of Charlemagne is a simpler cousin of the games Lost Cities and Battle Line. It won't wow serious gamers with deep strategy, but it's very family-friendly and quite enjoyable.

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