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Disorder - #10 Card Game of 2006


Photo courtesy of R&R Games

Designed by Frank DiLorenzo; published by R&R Games; 2 or more players; ages 10 and up; $15 (approximate)

The deck of cards that comes with Disorder includes four of each letter of the alphabet (letters are worth various points) along with four optional action cards. In the basic game, each player's turn consists of playing a card and then drawing a card. Cards may be played face up or face down. Face-down cards are wild, and worth just one point. The first three cards played in each hand must be part of a word. (For example, a combination of ZX or XZ would be illegal.) After the fourth card is played, a player may choose to challenge rather than play a card. A player would challenge when he thinks that no legal word can be spelled with the cards on the table, or when he believes that the word is complete. The loser of the challenge collects the number of points on the table, and play continues. When one player reaches a predetermined number of points, the player with the fewest points wins the game.

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