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Clue DVD Game - #3 Board Game of 2006
Clue DVD Game

Clue DVD Game

Photo courtesy of Parker Brothers / Hasbro
Clue DVD Game

Designed by Rob Daviau; published by Parker Brothers / Hasbro; 3 to 5 players; ages 10 and up; $30 (approximate).

This is everything a DVD game should be. The 10 cases included on the DVD are terrific fun, while the one random case offers replay value. Everything is bigger than in original Clue: this game has 10 suspects (compared to six), 11 locations, 10 times (e.g. dawn, tea time, midnight), and 11 items. In each case, something has been stolen from Mr. Boddy's mansions by one of his own guests. Your job is to be the first to correctly identify the missing item, the thief, where it was stolen from, and when it was stolen.

The DVD walks players through the setup for each case, and controls much of the gameplay. I could go on and on about how elegant everything is -- the system used to make sure the DVD knows which cards are in the envelope, movement on the board and through secret passages, the locked doors, the butler -- it's all fantastic.

If you're even lukewarm to Clue, I give the Clue DVD Game a hearty recommendation. If you really enjoy Clue, this is a must-buy. Other developers working on DVD games should study this one to see how it's done right.

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