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Telling a good story is truly an art, and these games -- my picks for the best storytelling games -- challenge you to become a storyteller.

1. Once Upon a Time

Storytelling in a fairy tale setting, with princesses and dragons and danger around every corner. Each player receives a set of cards with some story ingredients on them; they try to guide the plot in such a way as to use all of their cards first. The 1983 game Dark Cults had a similar mechanic, but the theme was quite different.

2. Fib or Not?

Players take turns telling stories in various categories (e.g. "an embarrassing moment"). If you can convince other players that your true stories are false and vice versa, you're well on the way to winning.

3. Malarky

Every player listens to a question, and then one player, chosen randomly and without anyone knowing who, is given the correct answer. The other players think of possible answers and then everyone reads his or her answer aloud. Players vote for the answer they think is correct, winning points for getting it right -- and also for tricking other players.

4. Fabrication

Teams compete to tell a story, working in the "fabrication" line (e.g. "It missed my head by this much." and "My foot got caught on the ropes."). The other team then must correctly guess which line was the fabrication line in order to earn points.

5. Nanofictionary

"Nanofiction" is a word used by game designer Andrew Looney to describe very short stories -- 55 words or less. All stories have at least four elements: character(s), setting, conflict, and resolution. Each player collects four cards and then crafts a story. Generally, the best story wins.
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