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Monopoly is an American institution, one of those games that seems to find its way into just about every home. If you're interested in the history of Monopoly, or in making this board game more fun to play, these books will help.

1. The Monopoly Companion - The Game from A to Z

A fun-packed guide to the history, rules, and winning strategies behind the classic real estate trading game. Written by Mr. Monopoly with Philip Orbanes.
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2. The Billion Dollar Monoply Swindle

Written by Ralph Anspach, creator of the board game Anti-Monopoly, this book is part history and part detective novel. It tells the complete story behind the origin of one of the world's most popular games.
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3. New Rules for Classic Games

A must-have for anyone who loves to play game variants. Author R. Wayne Schmittberger includes alternative versions of everything from Monopoly to Go, plus guidelines for inventing your own variants.
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