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Top 5 Maze Games


Some games incorporate mazes into the gaming experience, often in creative ways. Here are my picks for the best maze games.

1. a-MAZE-ing Labyrinth

Some of the maze segments are fixed in this board game, but the rest slide around, changing the maze as the game progresses. This ever-changing board makes it more difficult to accomplish your objective -- retrieving a set of artifacts and returning to your starting point.

2. Streetcar

You start this board game with an assigned set of stops you have to send your trolley to, and you want to complete your route as quickly as possible. On each turn, a player adds a segment of track -- which could completely mess up your plans. A cousin of Streetcar is Metro, in which players try to build the longest trolley lines.

3. GOOTMU (Get-Out-of-the-Maze-Unit)

GOOTMU involves 4x4 tiles, laid out to form a maze. The goal is to collect items as quickly as possible; the twist is that you choose where your playing piece starts -- but one of your opponents gets to decide where your items are placed.

4. Drakon

Drakon is a dragon who likes to play games. He's captured a band of adventurers, and the first to collect five gold pieces from his stash will escape. Unfortunately, the rest will be eaten. The maze includes some magical elements, so you never really know what's around the next corner.

5. Ghoulash

Ghoulash is a board game with several available scenarios, including a free one for players to sample. Playable with just paper and pencil, it's the lowest of low-tech games. But what really matters is that it's fun. Players wander through mazes trying to find good things (like food) and avoid bad things (like Ghouls).

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