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Ticket to Ride: Märklin Edition

The third board game in the Ticket to Ride Series


Ticket to Ride: Märklin Edition

Ticket to Ride: Märklin Edition

Image courtesy of Days of Wonder
Ticket to Ride: Märklin Edition is for 2 to 5 players, ages 8 and up. It was designed by Alan R. Moon and published by Days of Wonder.

The third board game in the Ticket to Ride series, Ticket to Ride: Märklin introduces passengers and merchandise to the gameplay.

Passengers are used to pick up merchandise worth different numbers of points along the routes that they claim. At the start of the game, varying stacks of merchandise tokens with different point values are placed next to the different cities on the map. Players can place one of their three passenger tokens on any city along a route that they claim.

On a turn, a player can choose to then move one of his passengers from the city it currently occupies along any or all of his continuous routes, picking up merchandise tokens frome each city he moves through. The point total of the tokens is then added to his score.

There are also two other notable gameplay changes from the original game: the German map has a strong vertical orientation; and instead of a bonus for longest route, the 10-point bonus card goes to the player who completes the most destination tickets.

So why is this game known as Ticket to Ride: Märklin rather than Ticket to Ride: Germany? Many train hobbyists consider Märklin, a German company that has been around for more than 140 years, to be the premier name in the model train world. Each train card in this edition features a different image (118 in all) of a Märklin model train car or locomotive.

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