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Play Stratego Online

Web sites where you can play the board game Stratego


Stratego - 2008 Edition

Stratego - 2008 Edition

Image courtesy of Hasbro
There are several places to play the board game Stratego online, including some unofficial sites where you can play Stratego-like games with interesting twists.


Metaforge.net is home to WebStratego. A number of variants are avalable, including Barrage, Ultimate Lightning, and Peleton.


At BrowserChess.net, you can play an artificial intelligence opponent in classic Stratego or several variants such as Barrage, One-Time Bombs, and Air Mobile.


At ItsYourTurn.com, players can compete in the Stratego-like game Sabotage. Several clever variants are also available, including Mini Sabotage and Sabotage Rush.


Gravon.net is home to a number of online board games and card games, including Tichu, Balloon Cup and Stratego. Much of the site is in English, although some of the text is in German.

Gamerz.net / Richard's Play-by-eMail Server

Stratego can be played via email at Gamerz.net, home to Richard's Play-By-eMail Server.

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