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Poker Solitaire Rules

The complete rules for Poker Solitaire, a card game


This solitaire card game incorporates elements of Poker. Here are the complete rules for Poker Solitaire.


1 player.


A standard 52-card deck.


To score as many points as possible by developing Poker hands in a 5x5 grid.


Shuffle the deck and set it on the table, forming the draw pile.


Deal cards off the top of the draw pile one at a time, forming a 5x5 grid on the table. There are two ways to handle placement of the cards. The first makes for a more challenging game.

The first option involves "pre-marking" the 5x5 grid so that once you place a card, its position in the grid is set and can never be changed. Many software versions of Poker Solitaire use this option.

EXAMPLE: You place the 10 of hearts in the upper left corner of the grid. You can never play any card above or to the left of the 10 of hearts.

Using the second option, once a card is placed, its position relative to other cards can never be changed -- but the outer boundaries of the 5x5 grid are not finally set until one column has five cards and one row has five cards.

EXAMPLE: You place the K of clubs next to the 6 of hearts. Those two cards will always be next to each other, but they could be the top left of the grid, the top right, the bottom left, the bottom right -- or anywhere else, until the size of the grid makes such flexibility impossible.

See Poker Solitaire - Illustrated Setup for an example of a completed hand.


Scoring is not strictly based on Poker hands; rather, it's based on how hard it is to make these hands in the game of Poker Solitaire.

Each column and each row are scored according to the following chart, for a total of 10 scores. No points are awarded for diagonals.

Royal flush, 50
Straight flush, 30
Four of a kind, 16
Straight, 12
Full house, 10
Three of a kind, 6
Flush, 5
Two pairs, 3
One pair, 1

Alternative Scoring

There are many variations on scoring. The one below is more in line with traditional Poker hands; however, it does not accurately reflect the unique challenges of Poker Solitaire.

Royal flush, 100
Straight flush, 75
Four of a kind, 50
Full house, 25
Flush, 20
Straight, 15
Three of a kind, 10
Two pairs, 5
One pair, 2


Play several games and see how high you can score.

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