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House in the Wood Solitaire

The complete rules for the card game House in the Wood Solitaire


House in the Wood, also known as Double Fan, gives solitaire players a chance to use skill in order to win. A good player should win about 80 percent of the time.


1 player.


Two standard 52-card decks, shuffled together.


Move each of the eight Aces to a foundation and build up in each suit to the Kings.


The cards are dealt into fans of three cards each. There will be 34 sets of three cards and one set of two cards.


The top card on each fan is available to be moved. A card can be moved to another fan if it is the same suit and one rank higher or lower than the card currently on top of the fan. EXAMPLE: The 10 of clubs can be added to the 9 of clubs or the Jack of clubs.

Sequence of rank is not continuous, and Aces are the low card. Thus, a King can only be played on a Queen, and the only card that can be played on an Ace is a 2.


You win if you succeed in building all eight foundations, in suit, from Ace to King.

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