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Good Measure Solitaire - Card Game Rules

The complete rules for the card game Good Measure Solitaire


Good Measure Solitaire is a distant relative to Klondike Solitaire and a very close relative of Baker's Dozen.


1 player


A standard 52-card deck.


Build all four suits up from Ace to King in separate piles.


Deal a row of 10 cards, face up. Then deal four more rows, each row overlapping the previous one. When finished, 50 cards should be visible in 10 columns of five each. This creates the tableau.

NOTE: The first two Aces dealt are removed immediately and placed above the tableau to form the first two foundations.

Move all four Kings to the bottom of their respective columns.

See Good Measure Solitaire - Illustrated Setup for an example.


As they become available, the four Aces must be played above the tableau; these are the four foundations. Cards of the same suit may be played on each ace in ascending order, from low (2) to high (King).

Only cards which are completely uncovered may be played on a foundation.

Once a card is played on a foundation, it can't be removed.

Playing on the Tableau

If it is uncovered, the next-lowest card may be moved to the top of a tableau pile, regardless of suit or color.

EXAMPLE: The 9 of hearts can be played on the 10 of diamonds, clubs or spades.

If a column in the tableau is emptied, it remains empty.


You win Good Measure Solitaire by building all four suits up from Ace to King.


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