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Free Games - Shared Pieces

Free board games with the theme of shared pieces -- both players share some or all of the pieces used in the game. These games can be played with pieces most gamers have around the house.

The winner of the 2004 Shared Pieces Game Design Competition, designed by Justin D. Jacobson of Florida. Players allocate resources to orientation, movement, harvesting, and regeneration in an attempt to be the first to reach 30 points.

House of Doors
Players try to lock each other into a small space by swinging doors. Designed by Randy Cox of Indiana.

Players move the knights around the board and collect points for landing on squares that have never been visited before. Designed by Jason Smulevitch of Ontario.

Package War!
Players take on the role of package shipping moguls determined to dominate the industry and crush the competition. Designed by Rasmus Pechuel and Monica Shellman of California.

Players use special dominoes to build islands, the larger the better. Designed by Grupo de los Lunes of Argentina.

Wizard's Garden
Wizard's Garden is a game about planting and harvesting. The rare and strange Alesalitis plant has a tendency to change its color, and flowers every time another Alesalitis is planted next to it. Designed by Tim Schutz of Washington.

Claiming territory is the goal here, as players stake out their claims on a 6x6 board. Designed by members of the North Berkshire Game Group of Massachusetts.

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