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Study these word lists to help improve your score in Scrabble


Becoming a world-class Scrabble player requires years of study and practice. But casual Scrabble players can become significantly better with a relatively modest investment of time. One of the best ways is to learn some of the key words every great player knows, and these Scrabble word lists are a great place to start.

These lists are also perfect fodder for anyone who plays Words With Friends on Facebook or mobile devices. If you want to be the best among your friends, study up!

Scrabble Words: Q Without U

For many casual Scrabble players, drawing a Q is more likely to inspire fear rather than joy. But the 10-point letter should be seen as a source of high-scoring plays. Learning the words which use a Q but not a U can go a long way toward improving your results.

Scrabble Words: No Vowels

Sometimes, even the best Scrabble players get stuck with a rack full of consonants. The good news is that more than 120 legal Scrabble words can be spelled without a vowel. The bad news is that most of them require you to have a Y (or two).

Scrabble Words: 2-Letter Words

There are more than 100 two-letter words which can be played in Scrabble. Although they generally won't bring you a lot of points, knowing them can get you out of some tough spots.

Scrabble Words: 3-Letter J Words

There's only one J in Scrabble, and its worth 8 points. So when you draw it, you want to be ready to take advantage. A great place to start is learning these three-letter J words.

Scrabble Words: 3-Letter X Words

Like the Q, the J and the Z, many casual Scrabble players would rather not draw an X tile. Taking some time to learn these three-letter X words can significantly improve your game.

Scrabble Words: 3-Letter Z Words

Like the Q, the Z is worth 10 points in Scrabble. But some players would be happier never to draw one. Take some time to learn these three-letter Z words, and pulling the Z will become an "a ha!" moment rather than an "ugh" moment.

Scrabble Words: 4-Letter X Words

When you draw an X tile in Scrabble, do you regret it? Learning these four-letter X words can help improve your Scrabble scores.

Scrabble Words: 4-Letter Z Words

The Z is one of the most valuable tiles in Scrabble, so when you draw it you want to make the most of the opportunity. Learning these four-letter Z words will help you be ready to do exactly that.

Scrabble Words: Vowel-Heavy 5-Letter Words

Knowing these vowel-heavy five-letter words can help when you're stuck with a rack full of vowels. All of these words have at least four vowels.

Scrabble Words: Vowel-Heavy 6-Letter Words

If you get stuck with a rack full of vowels in Scrabble, knowing these vowel-heavy six-letter words can help turn your fortune around. All of these words include at least four vowels.

Scrabble Words: Vowel-Heavy 7- and 8-Letter Words

When your Scrabble rack is filled with vowels, knowing these vowel-heavy words (seven and eight letters long) can help turn your fortune around. All of the seven-letter words include at least five vowels, and the eight-letter words include at least six vowels.
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