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Scrabble guru Joel Sherman lists five favorites in The Wall Street Journal


Scrabble Diamond Edition

Scrabble Diamond Edition

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In December 2001, The Wall Street Journal featured a special section about e-commerce; one of the articles in it was entitled "Pick Your Passion."

As part of that article, Scrabble guru Joel Sherman -- featured prominently in Stefan Fatsis' book Word Freak -- listed five of his favorite Scrabble-related Web sites. Here they are.

National Scrabble Association

The NSA is the official U.S. Scrabble organization, founded in 1978 and responsible for overseeing 200-plus Scrabble clubs and running more than 175 Scrabble tournaments each year. Their site is packed with Scrabble resources, and it's a great place to explore for anyone interested in becoming a more active Scrabble player.

Scrabble FAQ and Other Crossword Game Resources

A solid resource full of links to useful sites, including the FAQ maintained by Steven Alexander. Tournament listings, tournament rules, a rating calculator, word lists, and much more. This site should be in the bookmark lists of all Scrabble devotees.


LeXpert was a free software program for fans of word games. Unfortunately, it appears to have been discontinued.


DOoM may sound more like something that video gamers would be interested in, but it's a Scrabble resource for sure. Well, technically it's a generic crossword game resource. But once you figure out what it is and how to use it (the FAQ is very helpful), you can find some quality opponents.


BobGrid was a Java application which could help players on the DOoM resource listed above. It appears to have been discontinued.

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