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Sid Sackson Game Collection Auction

Information about and photos of the auction of Sid Sackson's game collection, which was believed to be the largest in the world with more than 18,000 games in all.

Sid Sackson's Game Collection Auction
A first-hand account of the first auction of Sid Sackson's game collection held in November 2002.

Auction #1 - Recap
A recap of the Nov. 16, 2002, auction of a large portion of Sid Sackson's game collection.

Auction #1 - Photo Gallery
A collection of photos taken at the first auction of Sackson's game collection (held in November 2002), and of the games I purchased at that auction.

Auction #2 - Photo Gallery
This gallery is a collection of photos of the games I purchased at the May 3, 2003, auction of games from Sid Sackson's massive collection.

Discussion - Auction Recap
A discussion in the About Board Games Forum of the Sid Sackson game collection auction.

Discussion - Authentication Stamp Question
At the auction, many of the games sold were stamped to indicate that they were from the personal collection of Sid Sackson. Why did some people not want their games stamped?

Discussion - Sackson Auction Almost on BoardgameGeek
Scott Alden of BoardgameGeek describes how the auction of Sid Sackson's game collection almost took place online.

Message from Sid Sackson's Daughter-in-Law
Mary Ellen Waithe, Sid Sackson's daughter-in-law, posted this note to explain why the family auctioned off the games, and how a small auction house in New Jersey wound up doing it.

Prototype Controversy
Some of Sid Sackson's prototypes were sold at the auctions, raising a serious question about whether or not the family intended this to happen.

Should the Games be Auctioned?
Some people very much wanted to see Sid Sackson's remarkable game collection stay in tact, perhaps at a museum.

Sid Sackson Game Auction, Part 2
A first-hand account of the second auction of Sid Sackson's massive game collection.

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