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Rules and Instructions for Board Games

Links to the rules and instructions for board games of all types, including classic and modern games.

How to Find Game Rules and Instructions
A simple 'how to' feature with tips on locating lost rules or instructions for board games.

About.com Board/Card Games Forum
Post a note in the About.com Board/Card Games Forum and you'll have gamers around the world trying to help locate the rules you need.

The Geek is a vast database of board games, some of which have the rules attached as a user file. Even if you can't find the rules here, you might be able to find a session report which can give you at least some insight into how the game is played.

Card Games (Pagat.com)
This is one of the most comprehensive card game rules collections available on the Web.

Dan Dotson and Marilyn Saul, owners of D'Antiques, have put together a great rules resource for gamers at their website.

Dan Johnson's Game Cabinet
A great source for rules, particularly the rules of American board and card games.

Darwin's Game Closet
A nice collection of links to other sites on the Web which list game rules.

Game Cabinet
A great source for English rules to German and other European games.

The rules for Gamewright games, including Alien Hotshots, Mummy Rummy, Rat-a-Tat Cat, Stone Soup, and more.

GMT Games
English rules for GMT Games releases.

Hasbro, Parker Brothers, Milton Bradley, Avalon Hill
Hasbro's official sites includes PDF files of many game rules. Very helpful for Hasbro, Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley games, as well as games published by the Hasbro-owned Avalon Hill.

Pressman Toys
Instructions for Pressman games like Scooby Doo Mystery Mansion, Careers, Tio-Ominos, Hi-Q, Original Rummikub, Mastermind and Therapy. Also includes some classic game rules.

University Games
University Games offers links to the rules for their games.

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