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Romantic and Naughty Games For Adults

These games, designed to be played by adult couples, allow players to engage in romantic and sexy activity -- win or lose!

Best Romantic Games for Adults
Romance is in the offing with these games, some of the very best adults-only board games.

Dirty Minds
Subtitled "The Game of Naughty Clues," this game is actually clean -- unless you make it dirty!

Foreplay: A Game for Lovers
Mental and physical foreplay are the goal of this game, published by Relationship Enrichment Systems.

Kama Sutra Game
The Kama Sutra is the basis for this board game, in which lovers travel the track and draw cards. The cards range from saying sweet things to trying sexual positions.

More Dirty Minds
Seemingly disgusting clues lead to perfectly innocent answers... but is your mind too dirty to figure them out?

Speak Love, Make Love
As players move around they game board, they either give or receive as instructed. Speak Love, Make Love comes with a two-sided board.

Strip Chocolate Board Game
As you move around the track, clothes come off and chocolate goes on. Yummy.

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