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History of Risk

A brief timeline on the history of Risk, an enduring classic board game.


Risk - 2008 Edition

Risk - 2008 Edition

Image courtesy of Hasbro
When Parker Brothers / Hasbro published the 40th Anniversary Edition of Risk in 1999, they included information about the game's history in the rulebook. This brief history of the board game Risk is compiled from that information and details found elsewhere.


1950s - Parker Brothers forms an affiliation with the Miro Company in France.

1957 - A representative of Miro approaches Parker Brothers with La Conquete du Monde (French for "The Conquest of the World"), a game designed by Albert Lamorisse. Lamorisse (a movie writer and director best known for The Red Balloon) and Micheal I. Levin are co-credited with the game design at BoardGameGeek.com.

1959 - Parker Brothers first publishes the Risk Continental Game in the United States.

1986 - The game Castle Risk (played on a map of Europe) is published.

1993 - The rules for Secret Mission Risk, which had been a variant in Europe, are added to the United States edition.

1999 - A limited edition of Risk is published in France, as 10,000 copies of Risk Edition Napoleon are released. An expansion in 2000 added the Ottoman Empire.

2001 - Risk players can now conquer the moon and underwater territories with Risk 2210 AD.

2002 - Risk moves to Middle-earth with the release of Lord of the Rings Risk.

2003 - Risk travels deeper into Middle-earth with the Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition.

2004 - Risk: Godstorm is published, injecting mythology into the game of world domination.

2005 - Risk: Star Wars - The Clone Wars Edition is published in concert with the release of the third Star Wars prequel, Revenge of the Sith.

2006 - Risk: Star Wars - Original Trilogy Edition is published. The game features three factions, each with its own victory conditions.

2008 - A new basic edition of Risk is published by Hasbro.

Numerous unofficial expansions and new maps have also been published through the years.

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