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Conquer the world with Risk, the classic board game of global domination. Rules, variants, strategy tips and more.
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The Complete Guide to Risk
Risk is probably the best-known and most-played war game. First published in 1959, Risk has proven to be an enduring classic. In 1986, Castle Risk (played on a map of Europe) was published; 2001 brought Risk 2210 AD (featuring underwater and moon territories), and several new versions have been published since then. Risk has been published in...

History of Risk
A look at the history of the classic board game Risk.

Risk 101
A primer all about Risk, a classic light wargame in which players compete to conquer the world.

Risk - Game Profile
A look at Risk, judged to be one of the most historically and culturally significant games published since 1800.

Risk - Lord of the Rings
This edition of Risk includes some special rules, Lord of the Rings-themed armies, and more.

History of Risk (Full)
An article written by Dave Shapiro for The Games Journal examining the history of Risk.

Risk Tournament of Champions
A popular and well-attended annual Risk tournament now held in Reading, Pennsylvania. The organizers have a history of presenting great trophies to the winner.

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