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Puerto Rico

Image courtesy of Rio Grande Games

Gameplay in Brief:

In Puerto Rico, players compete to run successful plantations, growing corn, coffee, sugar, tobacco and indigo. Each turn, players choose from several roles (e.g. mayor, builder, captain), each of which gives them different abilities. The goal is to use these abilities to construct buildings and ship goods efficiently, becoming the player to earn the most victory points.


For 3 to 5 players, ages 12 and up. About 90 minutes per game.


Puerto Rico was designed by Andreas Seyfarth.


Puerto Rico was published in 2002 by Rio Grande Games in the U.S. and Alea in Germany. It has also been published by a number of other game companies, including Albi, Tilsit, and Stratelibri.


Puerto Rico is an economic game with variable player roles. It also has a city-building component.

Also by Andreas Seyfarth:

About a dozen games designed by Andreas Seyfarth have been published, including Thurn and Taxis, San Juan (a card game based on Puerto Rico), Manhattan, and Airships.


Puerto Rico won the 2002 Deutscher Spiele Preis, the 2002 International Gamers Award for Multi-Player Strategy Game, a 2002 Meeples Choice Award. It was also my pick as the best board game of 2002.

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