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Poker Squares

The complete rules for this paper and pencil game


With just a deck of cards, paper and pencils, any number of players can enjoy Poker Squares.


2 or more players.


One standard 52-card deck.

Each player needs a piece of paper and a pen or pencil.


To score the most points by aligning cards vertically and horizontally into Poker hands.


On each piece of paper, draw a 5x5 grid of squares.

Shuffle the deck thoroughly and set it on the table, face down.


One player draws the top card from the deck and announces it (e.g. "Four of clubs" or "Queen of hearts").

Each player then writes that card’s rank and suit into one of the 25 available squares. It usually makes sense to abbreviate, such as "6-S" to mean "6 of spades" or "J-D" to mean "Jack of diamonds."

Repeat this until 25 cards have been drawn and announced. All 25 squares will be filled on every player's grid.


Each column and each row are scored according to the following chart, for a total of 10 scores. No points are awarded for diagonals.

Royal flush, 50
Straight flush, 30
Four of a kind, 16
Straight, 12
Full house, 10
Three of a kind, 6
Flush, 5
Two pairs, 3
One pair, 1

Alternative Scoring

There are many possible variations on scoring. The one below is more in line with traditional Poker hands; however, it does not accurately reflect the unique challenges of Poker Squares.

Royal flush, 100
Straight flush, 75
Four of a kind, 50
Full house, 25
Flush, 20
Straight, 15
Three of a kind, 10
Two pairs, 5
One pair, 2


Total each player's score. The player with the highest total wins.

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