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A collection of resources to help you play board and card games on the Internet.
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Top 5 Places to Play Games Online
Playing board games and card games online can be a lot of fun, no matter what kind of games you like best. These are the best places I've found to play board and card games online.

This site, entirely in German, allows you to play the Spiel des Jahres-nominated game Cartagena over the Web.

Cosmic Encounter
Allows online multiplayer games of the classic board game using Macromedia Flash (currently in beta). Free games are available, but paid members have access to more features.

A Java version of the national pastime of Madagascar and one of the games descended from Alquerque.

Gang of Four
Gang of Four is a challenging new card game from Days of Wonder.

Yahoo! Games, where this version of Go can be found, generally offers plenty of opponents.

Hive is a two-player game made up of 22 pieces, 11 per player, resembling a variety of insects each with their own unique and cunning way of moving. The goal is to surround your opponent's queen bee.

Pass the Pigs
From FontFace.com, a free Java version of the fun dice game Pass the Pigs. Play against the computer or one other human.

Roots in Nine Men's Morris. Easy to learn but challenging to master. One player vs. the computer.

Take It Easy
The object of this addictive tile-laying game is to score points by creating lines of a single color. This online version is by Peter Sarrett of The Game Report.

Make lines and loops on a hexagonal board. A nice interface.

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