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Party Games

Games designed to be played with large groups and simple rules, such as Pictionary, Scruples, Taboo and Werewolf.

Best Party Games
My picks for the best party games available.

Best Party Games - Discussion
Browse this discussion in the About Board Games Forum to see what party games are enjoyed by players around the world -- then add your own opinion.

Best Drawing and Sculpting Games
Pictionary is probably the best-known of these games, but there are several other games that challenge players to draw or sculpt in order to win. Here are my picks for the best drawing and sculpting games.

Best Bible Party Games
Many party games can be easily converted to a Bible theme. These are my picks for the best party games with a Bible theme.

Blurt! – A Great Party Game
An interview with game designer and author Tim Walsh, who created the best-selling party game Blurt!.

Categories - Complete Rules
The complete rules for Categories, a party game that can be played by a large group with just paper and pencils.

Cranium - Game Review
Your team may have to hum, whistle, sketch, sculpt, act and/or spell backwards to win. From Cranium, Inc., a company founded by two former Microsoft executives.

Malarky - Game Review
If storytelling comes naturally to you, pick up Malarky. It's similar to Balderdash but different enough to stand on its own.

People Magazine Game - Review
The People Magazine Game is great for celebrity-obsessed players and pop culture fanatics.

Squint - Game Review
The first reaction I had when playing Squint is that it's a fantastic new game for fans of Pictionary.

Talkin' Tango - Game Review
A fun party game, especially for those who also enjoy word games.

Time's Up: Interview with Frank DiLorenzo
This game, sort of a celebrity charades, has been a big hit with my family. Read about it in this interview with Frank DiLorenzo, president of R&R Games.

A preview of the party game Vamos, in which players answer a wide variety of conversation-sparking questions.

Wink Murder - Complete Rules
Wink Murder is a great parlor / party game for many players that does not require any equipment at all. The goal is to reveal the killer.

You Must Be an Idiot - Game Preview
Based on a preview at the 2005 American International Toy Fair, You Must Be an Idiot is very likely to give the company a second entry into my picks for the best trivia games.

Zobmondo!!: Interview with Randy Horn
This may be the most outrageous party game ever published by a mainstream game company. Randy Horn, the game's inventor, talks about it.

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