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Top 5 Drawing and Sculpting Games


Pictionary is probably the best-known of these games, but there are several other games that challenge players to draw or sculpt in order to win. Here are my picks for the best drawing and sculpting games.

1. Cluzzle

A wonderful game of clay sculpting, the goal in Cluzzle is to have other players guess what objects you've created -- but not too soon and not too late. Meanwhile, you're trying to guess what other players have created as quickly as possible. For three to six players. Cluzzle is essentially a simplified version of another fun clay sculpting game, Barbarossa.

2. Pictionary

The classic draw-and-guess game. The 15th Anniversary Edition throws in some nice new twists, and several other versions are also available (e.g. Nascar, Simpsons, Armed Forces, Austin Powers). For three or more players or teams.
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3. Cranium

Subtitled "The Whole Brain Game," Cranium includes both drawing and sculpting, in addition to other challenges like unscrambling words, answering trivia questions, etc. Various boosters and a children's version are available. For four or more players.

4. Clay Mania

Players have just 45 seconds to sculpt a mound of clay into an object while their teammates try to guess what they're making. You can animate the clay, but you're not allowed to say a word. For four or more players.

5. Skribble

A nice twist on the drawing genre; in Skribble, you have no idea what you're drawing. Your partners are describing what you need to draw ("put a box on top of a circle...") and you have to guess what it is. For three or more players.

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