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Top 5 Bible Party Games


Many party games can be easily converted to a Bible theme. These are my picks for the best party games with a Bible theme.

1. Scattergories Bible Edition

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Roll the die to see what letter comes up, and then find answers that begin with that letter to categories like, "things to forgive." A special Catholic edition also is available.

2. Bible Blurt

In Bible Blurt, one player reads a definition out loud (e.g. "a person who works with wood"). The other players try to be the first to blurt out the correct answer. A junior version is included in the game.

3. Bible Mad Gab

Read this phrase out loud: "Pill Are Offs Halt." Do you get it? It says, naturally, "pillar of salt." In Mad Gab, you have 30 seconds to solve three of these riddles.

4. Bible TriBond

Take three things -- a merchant or money changer, a fish, and a snake -- and figure out what they have in common. Do that the best, and you'll win Bible TriBond. (The answer here is, of course, that they all have scales.)

5. Bible Pictionary

This board game combines the fun of Pictionary with people, events and objects from the Bible. The 200 cards include 2,000 words and phrases.
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