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Gameplay in Brief:

Players are first dealt cards, each containing the names of two well-known figures from pop culture, sports, or history. They each choose some to include in the game, and then compete in teams of two players over three rounds of increasing difficulty to identify the same set of celebrities.

Each additional round brings a new restriction, and you're almost guaranteed to be on the floor laughing at some point. Time's Up is one of my all-time favorite games.


For 4 to 18 players, ages 12 and up. (I do not recommend playing with more than eight players due to the amount of time between each team's turn if you do. I prefer it with six players.) Time's Up takes about 60 to 90 minutes per game.


Time's Up was designed by Peter Sarrett.


Time's Up is published by R&R Games. It was first released in 2000. This party game has also been published by Asmodee Editions, Pro Ludo, and several other publishers.


Time's Up is a party game based on the classic parlor game Celebrities.

Also by Peter Sarrett:

Sarrett also designed or co-designed If Wishes Were Fishes (2007), Crazy Mixed Up Zoo (2006), Tie One On (2006), TuneBaya (2005), and several expansions for Time's Up.


Time's Up won a Mensa Select Award, and it is on my lists of the best party games and the best family games.

Expansions and Related Games:

Two expansions for Time's Up were published by R&R Games in 2001 and 2002, adding new cards. In 2008, Time's Up Deluxe combined the best cards from the base game and those two expansions with a number of new cards. Also in 2008, Time's Up: Title Recall was published. This version of the game challenges players to guess the titles of books, films, songs, etc., using the same basic rules.

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