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Cranium Scribblish


Gameplay in Brief:

Cranium Scribblish combines drawing with the parlor game "Telephone" (aka "Whisper Down the Lane"). One player looks at a game card, then draws her best sketch representing the phrase on that card. She passes the drawing to the next player, who writes a phrase describing the drawing. The next player turns those words back into images. After all players have a chance to draw, they read the created story out loud for everyone to enjoy.

The Basics:

For 4 to 6 players, ages 8 and up. Scheduled to be available in fall 2010.


The designer of Cranium Scribblish is not credited.


Cranium Scribblish is published by Hasbro.


Cranium Scribblish is a party game with a drawing mechanic.
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