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Image courtesy of Morphology Games

Gameplay in Brief:

Morphology is a creative game that is perhaps best described as Pictionary with items -- think string, beads, cubes, sticks, wooden pawns and rubber rings. How will you use those items to get your teammates to guess "farmer," "waffle" or "soccer"?

As players advance on the board, they will face challenges like "eyes closed," where the morphologist (the player creating the word) cannot open her eyes, "weak hand only," where the morphologist can only use her non-dominant hand, and "you pick 5," where the morphologist chooses five pieces before knowing what word she must create. Morphology is a fantastic party game.

The Basics:

For 4 or more players (divided into teams; fewer teams is better), ages 13 and up. About 45 minutes per game.


Morphology was designed by Kate Ryan Reiling. Read more in our interview with the designer of Morphology.


Morphology was published by Morphology Games in 2010.


Morphology is a party game.


Morphology won the 2011 About.com Readers' Choice Award for Best Party Game of 2010, and it was included on Games magazine's 2011 Games 100 list.
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