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Paper and Pencil Games

Paper and pencil games are, naturally, those that can be played with just paper and a pencil. Here are links to many of the best paper and pencil games.

Bulls and Cows
The complete rules of the paper-and-pencil deduction game Bulls and Cows, an ancestor of Mastermind.

Capture / Dots and Boxes
The complete rules for Capture, a strategy game played with pencil and paper.

The complete rules for Categories, a party game that can be played by a large group with just paper and pencils.

Ghoulash is an intriguing 2-player game. Print out the map-like board, then use a pencil to mark features on it like debris, food and first-aid kits. While trying to achieve your goal, you're likely to run into some unfriendly ghouls.

Ghoulash Adventures
Information about Ghoulash Adventures, a series of short stories set in the Ghoulash game universe.

The complete rules for the two-player word game Hangman.

Pipelayer is a pencil and paper game played with two grids of dots that are slightly offset from one another. To win, a player must make a continuous connection from one side of the board to the other. For two players.

Poker Squares
The complete rules for Poker Squares, a game that works well with large groups and which can be played with just a deck of cards, paper and pencils.

Salvo / Battleships
The complete rules for Salvo, also known as Battleships, an ancestor of the published game Battleship.

The strategy in Sprouts lies in using your lines to divide the paper up into parts that trap dots. For two players.

Stop Gate
This game can be played on a Checker board with dominos, but it can also be played on graph paper with a pencil. The first player who can't make a move loses. For two players.

Tic Tac Toe
The complete rules for the game of Tic Tac Toe, with variants to make it more interesting.

Word Squares
The complete rules for Word Squares, a word game great for large groups that can be played with just paper and pencils.

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