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You Must Be an Idiot!

A preview of this clever trivia game


You Must Be an Idiot Game Box

The game box for You Must Be an Idiot.

Erik Arneson
R&R Games already publishes Smarty Party, which I believe is one of the best trivia games ever.

Based on a preview at Toy Fair, You Must Be an Idiot! is could give the company a second entry into my picks for the best trivia games.

On his turn, a player (known as "the genius") will look at a card and ask two or three of the listed questions. All of the players except the genius are dealt face-down cards. Some of the cards picture an "idiot."

Everyone writes down an answer to the question. If you've received an idiot card, you must write down an incorrect answer. (It's possible for there to be more than one idiot in a given round; it's also possible that there are no idiots.) When all players have finished, the answers are revealed.

Players who answer the question correctly each earn two points. Players who get it wrong are all potential idiots. Starting with the genius, all players may vote for one person whom they think is an idiot.

If you're an idiot but no one votes for you, you get three points. If you're an idiot and you get caught, the people who vote for you each earn two points. If you're not an idiot but you get votes, you earn one point for each vote you receive.

The goal is to be the first to reach 40 points or be in the lead after each player has had two chances to be the genius.

You Must Be an Idiot!, designed by Stephen Glenn, sounds like a great trivia game, and I'm definitely looking forward to playing it. R&R Games hopes to have it available by late June.

You Must Be an Idiot! supports up to six players, and Glenn says that it's probably best with six.

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