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Podcasts About Board Games and Card Games

Listen to news and opinion about board games on your computer or MP3 player


There are several regular podcasts (a fancy name for computer audio files, usually in MP3 format) available which focus on board games and card games. Here are brief reviews of some of the best, listed in the order I would rank them.

1. Boardgames To Go

This is my favorite game podcast. Host Mark Johnson rarely wastes much time, packing each episode with a lot of interesting commentary. His interviews are always interesting, and he tends to pick topics that aren't covered in depth elsewhere, such as game packaging and an in-depth look at the game Medici.

Johnson seems more comfortable with a guest, but Boardgames To Go is equally interesting when he's working solo. He presents audio session reports which include a brief description of the games he's play recently, and he always gives enough information to help listeners know if they'd be interested in trying out the games. The content is almost exclusively about designer games. Johnson provides thoughtful, incisive commentary.

2. Dice Tower, The

The Dice Tower is hosted by Tom Vasel and Joe Steadman, two gamers currently living in Korea. Vasel prefers designer games; Steadman likes to play wargames. Although they talk over each other too often, the fact that they don't like the same kind of games works for the podcast, giving it a unique feel.

Most episodes includes a top 10 list, two game reviews (one each by Vasel and Steadman), plus other commentary. The shows generally check in at just more than a hour in length, and they cover all sort of games -- designer games, wargames, collectible card games, miniatures, and more.

3. Have Games, Will Travel

Host Paul Tevis and his radio-ready voice make this a podcast worth listening to. Tevis generally alternates his focus between roleplaying games and designer games, giving a wide variety of gamers something they'll be interested in. Ordinarily, his podcasts are a one-man production, but Tevis also conducts interviews periodically.


Although they didn't make my top 3, these podcasts are also worth a listen.

OgreCave Audio Report

The OgreCave Audio Report covers topics of interest to players of collectible card games, miniatures, roleplaying games, and board games. Sef-described as, "Unplugged-gaming rants and raves with the OgreCave staff."

Pulp Gamer

"Pulp" as in paper -- i.e. paper games. The three hosts often talk over each other, but they do cover some interesting topics. Self-described as, "Your guide to board games, card games, role-playing games, and other bits of non-electronic entertainment."

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