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Upcoming game events featuring board games, card games, and other tabletop games


Dice at Gen Con

A pile of dice at Gen Con.

Photo © Erik Arneson

Every year, there are many great opportunities for fans of board games and card games to get together at a wide variety of game conventions. Here's a look at some upcoming game events, listed in chronological order.

Which game event (whether it's on this list or not) is your favorite? Share your thoughts here!

You can also look at these conventions on my interactive game events map.

Events in May and June 2012

Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio: May 30 to June 3, 2012

Events in July and August 2012

World Boardgaming Championships in Lancaster, Pennsylvania: July 30 to August 5, 2012

Gen Con in Indianapolis, Indiana: August 16 to August 19, 2012

Future Events: Dates to be Announced

CharCon in Charleston, West Virginia

ChimaeraCon in San Antonio, Texas

DexCon in Morristown, New Jersey

Essen Game Fair (Internationale Spieltage) in Essen, Germany

FallCon in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Game Fest South in Chattanooga, Tennessee

GameCon Memphis in Memphis, Tennessee

Gateway (part of Strategicon) in Los Angeles, California

Geekway to the West in St. Louis, Missouri

Havoc in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

KublaCon in Burlingame, California

MichiCon in Rochester, Michigan

Orccon (part of Strategicon) in Los Angeles, California

Protospiel in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Protospiel South in Austin, Texas

SnowCon in Orono, Maine

TotalCon in Mansfield, Massachusetts

Troll Con in Little Rock, Arkansas

EuroQuest in Pikeville, Maryland: November 3 to November 6, 2011

Carnage in Fairlee, Vermont: November 4 to November 6, 2011

BoardGameGeek.con in Dallas, Texas: November 16 to November 20, 2011

Chicago Toy and Game Fair in Chicago, Illinois: November 19 to November 20, 2011

WinterCon in Rochester, Michigan: December 2 to December 3, 2011

Atlanta Game Fest in Norcross, Georgia: January 5 to January 8, 2012

Nuremberg International Toy Fair (trade show) in Nuremberg, Germany: February 1 to February 6, 2012

Gamicon in Iowa City, Iowa: February 10 to February 12, 2012

American International Toy Fair (trade show) in New York City, New York: February 12 to February 15, 2012

SaltCon in Salt Lake City, Utah: February 17 to February 18, 2012

Tennessee Game Days in Nashville, Tennessee: March 9 to March 11, 2012

GameStorm in Vancouver, Washington: March 22 to March 25, 2012

Gamex (part of Strategicon) in Los Angeles, California: May 25 to May 28, 2012

NOTE: Events described as a "trade show" have restrictions on who may attend.

If you would like to suggest an event to be added to this list, please send an email to boardgames@aboutguide.com, contact me via Twitter, or let me know on Facebook.

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