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Playing Monopoly Online

How and where to play the classic board game Monopoly online.

If you're online with AOL and a PC, this page provides a link to step-by-step instructions on how you can use the Westwood Monopoly CD-ROM to play Monopoly online.

Case's Ladder - Playing Monopoly Online
Case's Ladder isn't actually a place to play Monopoly online; it's a place for competitive players to participate in ladders and tournaments.

Games.com is my personal favorite place to play Monopoly online. It uses a Java interface, and you can always find opponents. Player ratings let you track your successes over time.

This is a Java game very similar to Monopoly, but with some changes (e.g. Free Parking becomes Student Parking). This site has the simplest interface of any site offering online Monopoly games, but all the players must use the same computer.

Playsite.com no longer offers Monopoly online.

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