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New Monopoly Piece

A sack of money joins the 10 traditional playing pieces.


In 1998, Hasbro announced the results of a poll to determine the most popular Monopoly token. The results:

Race Car, 18%
Dog, 16%
Cannon, 14%
Top Hat, 10%
Boat, 9%
Horse and Rider, 8%
Shoe, 8%
Thimble, 7%
Iron, 7%
Wheelbarrow, 3%

Monopoly originally was played with wooden pawns. By 1937, Parker Brothers had decided to cast metal tokens. The first set included an iron, purse, lantern, car, thimble, shoe, top hat and rocking horse. Later that year, the battleship and cannon were added. The purse, lantern and rocking horse were replaced in 1942 by the dog, wheelbarrow and horse and rider.
Hasbro announced in early 1999 the first new token to be added to the Monopoly game in more than four decades: the sack of money.

The sack of money won 51 percent of the vote in a national poll, beating out a bi-plane (29 percent) and a piggy bank (20 percent). The sack of money is the 11th game piece in Monopoly sets, joining classics like the race car, dog, shoe and thimble.

"We are thrilled with the enthusiastic response to this historic election," Glenn Kilbride, vice president of U.S. Marketing for Hasbro, said in a press release.

"People have a real affinity for the Monopoly tokens and they identify with being the dog, the race car, the battleship. Everyone has a favorite token and it looks like the sack of money will start a brand new favorite token tradition."

The sack of money was introduced at the Museum of American Financial History in New York City, where it will be on exhibit as part of the museum's permanent collection. It was available in games being shipped in March 1999 and later.

More than 200 million copies of Monopoly have been sold worldwide in 80 countries and 26 languages. Hasbro estimates that more than 500 million people have played the game.

The Many Faces of Monopoly

Although the basic rules haven't changed since 1935, various versions of Monopoly have sufaced through the years, including:

  • Monopoly (Classic)
  • Monopoly Deluxe Edition
  • Monopoly Heirloom Edition
  • Monopoly Junior
  • Monopoly CD-ROM
  • Monopoly Electronic Hand-Held
  • Monopoly for PlayStation
  • Monopoly 3D Puzzle
  • Monopoly NASCAR Collector's Edition
  • Monopoly NFL Collector's Edition
  • Monopoly Star Wars Collector's Edition
  • Monopoly Star Wars CD-ROM
  • Monopoly Warner Bros. Edition
  • Monopoly World Cup 98
I've compiled a list of what I think are the Coolest Editions of Monopoly and the Best Money / Economic Games.

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