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Monopoly News

News items about the board game Monopoly and related topics.

Monopoly Photo Gallery - Toy Fair 2007
Feb. 2007 - A photo gallery featuring the various editions of Monopoly unveiled by Hasbro at the 2007 American International Toy Fair.

McDonald's Monopoly Scam
Aug. 2001 - Information about a scam involving the Monopoly promotions at McDonald's restaurants.

Disney Monopoly, Powerpuff Girls Monopoly
March 2001 - Two new versions of Monopoly are being released by Hasbro, one with Disney characters and the other with Bubbles, Buttercup and Blossom.

Rodeo Edition of Monopoly To Be Released
March 2001 - 5 Flat Productions has announced plans to release a rodeo-themed edition of Monopoly.

World Champion Crowned in Toronto
October 2000 - Information about the 2000 Monopoly World Champion.

Monopoly Truck, Leather-Bound Edition Available
October 2000 - Hasbro announces the Monopoly Game Mover -- a playable die-cast Monopoly truck and trailer that transforms into a Monopoly game board -- and a leather-bound edition of the game.

Hasbro: Parker Brothers, Milton Bradley Names Will Survive
July 2000 - Hasbro denies a report that it plans to eliminate the brand names Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley.

Monopoly Tycoon Computer Game
May 2000 - Hasbro Interactive announces the release of Monopoly Tycoon, a city-building simulation game that can be played simultaneously with up to three other players in real time on a local-area network or via the Internet.

MacSoft to Publish Monopoly and Scrabble for Macintosh
Feb. 2000 - MacSoft announces plans to publish Monopoly and Scrabble for the Macintosh computer.

Vermont Man Wins U.S. Monopoly Championship
November 1999 - A resident of Vermont is named the U.S. Monopoly Champion after winning a tournament.

USAopoly Ends Motown Monopoly
July 1999 - The company USAopoly announces that it will cease publication of the Detroit edition of Monopoly.

New Monopoly Token
March 1999 - The voting public chooses a sack of money to join the 10 traditional playing pieces.

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