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Monopoly History

A collection of links to sites about the history of the board game Monopoly, including the controversy over who really invented the game.

Anti-Monopoly: History
This site includes details about the sometimes wild story behind the creation of Anti-Monopoly, a game designed by Ralph Anspach in 1974.

Monopoly has been played in trees and underground, as well as during a train robbery. Get the lowdown from David's Monopoly site.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Who invented Monopoly? When was Monopoly first published? What tokens were originally included in the game? What tokens are included today? Find out here.

Monopoly Monopoly
Loads of well-researched information surrounding the game's creation from About.com's Guide to Inventors, Mary Bellis. Don't miss part two, which focuses on the game Anti-Monopoly.

Old Card Illustrations
A great collection of images from cards printed before Rich Uncle Pennybags was used. From Adena.

Who Invented Monopoly?
From Adena, this could be the most comprehensive history of Monopoly available on the Net. Includes excerpts from numerous publications.

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