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The Complete Guide to Monopoly

Rules, strategy tips, variants, and more about the classic real estate game.


First published in 1935, Monopoly quickly became a best-selling board game. It has maintained that status for the past 75 years as hundreds of versions have been published and sold in 103 countries and 37 languages. More than 200 million copies of Monopoly have been sold.

Monopoly Profile

Monopoly - Basic Game
Image courtesy of Hasbro / Parker Brothers
I believe that Monopoly is one of the 50 most culturally and historically significant games published since 1800. This profile explains why.

How to Win Monopoly

Monopoly Here & Now World Edition
Image courtesy of Hasbro / Parker Brothers
There's a strong element of luck involved in playing Monopoly, but there's also enough strategy so that skilled players will win more often than not. Use these tips and hints, and you'll be smiling all the way to Boardwalk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Monopoly 1935 Deluxe First Edition
Photo © Erik Arneson
This FAQ covers frequently asked questions about the board game Monopoly. Due in large part to the widespread popularity of Monopoly, many house rules have been developed over the years, some used by many players and others used only by a few. The answers provided here relate to the official rules of Monopoly.

Ways to Improve Monopoly

Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition
Image courtesy of Hasbro / Parker Brothers
We've all been there... a family gathering, a rainy Saturday afternoon... and everyone decides to play a board game. In homes all around the world, that game is often Monopoly. But so many of us have played it so often -- and games can drag on for so long -- that one more game of Monopoly just might make us scream. But there's a reason Monopoly has been so popular for so long: It's a good game. The problem is that most of us don't play by the rules.

Playing Monopoly Online

Information about how and where you can play the classic board game Monopoly online.

Monopoly Properties

Monopoly Here & Now - Go Space
Photo courtesy of Hasbro
A close look at all of the properties available in the standard Monopoly game, including the relative likelihood that a player will land on each property space.

Monopoly Here & Now: No More Boardwalk?

Monopoly Here & Now
Image courtesy of Hasbro / Parker Brothers
Why did Hasbro do away with Boardwalk in the Here and Now Edition of Monopoly? And is Boardwalk gone forever?

Monopoly Town - Review

Monopoly Town
Image courtesy of Hasbro / Parker Brothers
A review of the children's board game Monopoly Town, published by Parker Brothers / Hasbro.

Free Parking: Monopoly Card Game

Players try to accumulate points by keeping their parking meter out of violation and avoiding Officer Jones when it is in this Monopoly-themed card game.

Best Monopoly Books

Monopoly is an American institution, one of those games that seems to find its way into just about every home. If you're interested in the history of Monopoly, or in making this board game more fun to play, these books will help.

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