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Monopoly - Frequently Asked Questions

A FAQ all about the board game Monopoly.


Monopoly Here & Now World Edition

Monopoly Here & Now World Edition

Image courtesy of Hasbro / Parker Brothers
This FAQ covers frequently asked questions about the board game Monopoly. Due in large part to the widespread popularity of Monopoly, many house rules have been developed over the years, some used by many players and others used only by a few.

The answers provided here relate to the official rules of Monopoly -- but you should feel free to make adjustments as you see fit, as long as all the players agree to them ahead of time.

Rules and Variants


Building Houses and Hotels

Property, Rent and Mortgages

Deals with Other Players

Other Gameplay Questions

History of Monopoly

Special Editions and Collecting Monopoly


If you have any questions about the board game Monopoly which aren't answered in this FAQ, please post them in the About.com Board/Card Games Forum. You can get answers from gamers around the world.

The answers in this FAQ are based on information from a variety of sources, including the official Monopoly rules, Hasbro, Monopoly.com, USAopoly, Ken Koury's Monopoly FAQ, and Richard Wilding's Monopoly FAQ.

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