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Marvel HeroScape Box

Marvel HeroScape Box

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The Bottom Line

HeroScape has always been perfectly suited for superhero characters, and Marvel HeroScape finally makes that happen. Although the battlefield is small compared to the original game, the battles are not. Teaming Spider-Man and Iron Man against Venom and Dr. Doom, or Silver Surfer and the Incredible Hulk against Thanos and Abomination? Great fun. Marvel HeroScape is a welcome addition to the HeroScape line, and I'll always be up for another game of it.


  • Adds Marvel Comics characters to HeroScape.
  • HeroScape itself is a brilliant game system.
  • Includes two new terrain types: concrete and asphalt, plus a warehouse ruin.
  • Everything is compatible with the original HeroScape.
  • Includes two battlefield maps and eight scenarios.


  • Only 10 characters are included.
  • More terrain would have been useful.


  • For 2 players, ages 8 and up.
  • About 45 to 60 minutes per game.
  • Published by Hasbro in 2007.
  • Includes 10 figures and stat cards, a total of 103 plastic hexes, a warehouse ruin, dice, 2 glyphs, markers, and rules.
  • Heroes: Captain America, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man.
  • Villains: Abomination, Dr. Doom, Red Skull, Thanos, Venom.

Guide Review - Marvel HeroScape

Players first set up a battlefield using the interlocking plastic hexes and the impressive warehouse ruin (which features a breakaway wall section). This can be done following one of the two maps included in the rulebook, or players can create their own.

Choosing armies is the next step. Ten characters from the Marvel universe are included in the game, providing a decent level of variety. When the armies are placed in their start areas, players set their order markers (each round consists of three orders) on their characters and roll a 20-sided die to determine who goes first in that round. Players take turns, moving and/or attacking with one character at a time, until the round ends.

Each character's stat card is packed with information: how many life points they have, how far they move, how close they need to be in order to attack, and how many dice they roll to attack and defend. The card also includes information about special powers, and how many points each character is worth (to even out drafted armies).

Captain America, for example, is worth 220 points, has 5 life, moves 5 spaces, and rolls 6 dice to attack and 6 to defend. His normal attack has a range of 1, but his Shield Throw Special Attack has a range of 5. He also has Tactician power, which gives friendly adjacent figures an additional attack and defense die, and Counter Strike, which makes it dangerous to attack him.

Often, the victor will be the last player with a surviving character. But some scenarios offer other options: in Clash on the Streets, for example, one player's goal is to carry a device into a pre-determined exit zone.

I love HeroScape, so Marvel HeroScape is a natural for me. The simple, flexible game system can be enjoyed equally by children and adults. Marvel HeroScape is highly recommended.

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