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One of the most ancient of board games, Mancala has been played in Africa for thousands of years.

A profile of the ancient board game Mancala.

Mancala Rules - How To Play Mancala
A simple 'how to' feature explaining the rules to Mancala.

Top 5 Ancient Board Games
Mancala is fourth on my list of the best ancient games. See what games keep it company.

Mancala Snails (Play Mancala Online)
A delightful online game, great for teaching Mancala to children. Instead of stones, players move snails. From Lil'Games.com.

Play Mancala Online
A site offering a different Java implementation of Mancala against a computer opponent.

Playing Mancala Online
Playing Mancala Online

Mancala - Basic Strategy
Advice for players who want to learn how to win at Mancala. This collection of Mancala basic strategy tips covers everything from the opening move, to avoiding capture, to why you want to leave your last hole open.

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