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4th Massachusetts Line - The HeroScape Room

Photos taken inside The HeroScape Room


4th Massachusetts Line - The HeroScape Room

4th Massachusetts Line - The HeroScape Room

Photo © Erik Arneson
Thousands of hours have been spent developing and testing the HeroScape figures and their powers. Having a large set of figures easily accessible allows the game designers to see, for example, what happens if someone uses seven sets of the 4th Massachusetts Line -- a total of 28 figures -- in battle. "It will be years and years before our ideas (for HeroScape characters) even begin to dry up," said game designer Craig Van Ness.

One upcoming figure, the Marro witch spider Kee-Mo-Shi, was designed based on a contest at HeroScape.com. Hannah Richard, 11 years old, won the character design contest. "She had the craziest description; it was really whacked," Van Ness said. "I was like, 'Oh, that's perfect.'"

Kee-Mo-Shi -- who can be seen on the left side of this photo -- should be available in late 2006.

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