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HeroScape - Fortress of the Archkyrie

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HeroScape Castle Components

HeroScape Castle Components

Image courtesy of Milton Bradley / Hasbro

The Bottom Line

If you enjoy HeroScape, the Fortress of the Valkyrie is a must-buy. This castle expansion is the most impressive addition of new terrain, by far, for the HeroScape game. It comes with 141 pieces, plenty to build a castle worthy of the Master Set. The pieces are also flexible, allowing creative minds to use the walls and battlements in interesting ways.


  • Great new terrain for HeroScape.
  • Visually impressive.
  • Very flexible; many setups are possible with the interlocking pieces.
  • Can be combined with other Fortresses and other HeroScape expansions.
  • Includes two new game scenarios.


  • Requires the HeroScape Master Set.


  • For 2 or more players, ages 8 and up.
  • Game length varies based on setup choices but is typically about 60 minutes.
  • Designed by Craig Van Ness, Stephen Baker and Rob Daviau.
  • Published by Milton Bradley / Hasbro in 2006.
  • Set includes 21 bases, 21 wall sections, 21 single-space wall walks, and 2 multi-space wall walks.
  • Also includes 50 battlements, a doorway and door with a sliding bar, a flag, and 22 ladder pieces.
  • Requires the HeroScape Master Set.

Guide Review - HeroScape - Fortress of the Archkyrie

If it was just a one-piece castle that fit onto the HeroScape board, I would still recommend buying the Fortress of the Archkyrie expansion. But this is quite possibly the greatest game expansion ever produced -- and I don't make that claim lightly.

The Fortress of the Valkyrie is true to the spirit of HeroScape, and it offers a phenomenal level of customization. It feels like there's no limit. If you want walls that are all equal height, no problem. If you want walls that vary in height, that's just as easy.

It's possible to use the battlements as a kind of fence at ground level, and figures can climb over the battlements when they're used that way. When battlements are used at the top of a castle wall, they give any figures behind them additional target points so that they can attack figures on the ground. Station some archers up there for a powerful attack.

The castle door comes with its own stat card, controlled by one of the players. This player can open and close the door whenever he chooses as long as one of his figures is in the proper space. The door has 10 life points and 4 defense dice.

If all that isn't enough, HeroScape's Fortress of the Archkyrie also comes with ladders, which can be placed to allow figures to move up and down the walls. The color rulebook is packed with examples to help players understand how the ladders and walls affect the game.

This is a brilliantly executed expansion for HeroScape.

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