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HeroScape Character Checklist - by Expansion

A complete list of all official HeroScape characters organized by expansion


HeroScape - Shaolin Monk

A Shaolin Monk character from a HeroScape expansion.

Photo © Erik Arneson

This HeroScape character checklist is organized by expansion. Other checklists are organized by faction, package, and race.

Rise of the Valkyrie Master Set (2004)

Agent Carr (human)
Deathwalker 9000 (soulborg)
Finn the Viking Champion (human)
Grimnak (orc)
Mimring (dragon)
Ne-Gok-Sa (marro)
Raelin the Kyrie Warrior (kyrie)
Sgt Drake Alexander (human)
Syvarris (elf)
Thorgrim the Viking Champion (human)

Airborne Elite (human, unique)
Elite Onyx Vipers* (viper, unique)
Izumi Samurai (human, unique)
Krav Maga Agents (human, unique)
Marro Warriors (marro, unique)
Tarn Viking Warriors (human, unique)
Zettian Guards (soulborg, unique)

* Available in a special edition of this master set sold in late 2005.

Malliddon's Prophecy (2004)

Kelda the Kyrie Warrior (kyrie)
Marcus Decimus Gallus (human)
Taelord the Kyrie Warrior (kyrie)
Tornak (orc)
Venoc Warlord (viper)

Arrow Gruts (orc)
Blade Gruts (orc)
Omnicron Snipers (soulborg)
Roman Archers (human)
Roman Legionnaires (human)
Venoc Vipers (viper)

Utgar's Rage (2005)

Khosumet the Darklord (wolf)
Krug (troll)
Me-Burq-Sa (marro)
Sir Denrick (human)
Swog Rider (orc, common)

4th Massachusetts Line (human)
Anubian Wolves (wolf)
Knights of Weston (human)
Marro Drones (marro)
Minions of Utgar (kyrie)

Orm's Return (2005)

Brunak (trolticor)
Charos (dragon)
Deathwalker 8000 (soulborg)
Dund (doggin)
Su-Bak-Na (marro)

Road to the Forgotten Forest (2005)

Dumutef Guard (fiantooth, common)

Jandar's Oath (2005)

Alastair MacDirk (human)
Concan the Kyrie Warrior (kyrie)
Deathwalker 7000 (soulborg)
Johnny "Shotgun" Sullivan (human)
Saylind the Kyrie Warrior (kyrie)

Gorillinators (primadon)
MacDirk Warriors (human)
Marrden Hounds (wulsinu)
Microcorp Agents (human)
Sentinels of Jandar (kyrie)
Shaolin Monks (human)

Volcarren Wasteland (2005)

Obsidian Guards (moltarn)

Promotional Figure (2005)

Nerak the Glacian Swog Rider (orc)

Zanafor's Discovery (2006)

Deadeye Dan (human)
Guilty McCreech (human)
James Murphy (human)
Major X17 (soulborg)
Morsbane (elf)
Parmenio (human)
Sudema (undead)
Valguard (human)

Armoc Vipers (viper)
Aubrien Archers (elf)
Gladiatrons (soulborg)
Sacred Band (human)
Tagawa Samurai (human, unique)

Raknar's Vision (2006)

Braxas (dragon)
Jotun (giant)
Major Q9 (soulborg)
Nilfheim (dragon)
Theracus (gryphillin)

Thaelenk Tundra (2006)

Dzu-Teh (dzu-teh)

Promotional Figure (2006)

Sir Hawthorne (human)

Thora's Vengeance (2006)

Crixus (human)
Retiarius (human)
Spartacus (human)

Blastatrons (soulborg)
Deathreavers (soulborg)
Deathstalkers (soulborg)
Kozuke Samurai (human, unique)
Nakita Agents (human, unique)
Ninjas of the Northern Wind (human, unique)
Warriors of Ashra (elves)

Fortress of the Archkyrie (2006)

Fortress Door (destructible object)

Flag Bearers (2006)

Acolarh (elf)
Hatamoto Taro (human)
Laglor (primadon)
Ornak (orc)
Sir Gilbert (human)

Dawn of Darkness (2006)

Eldgrim the Viking Champion (human)
Empress Kiova (kyrie)
Kaemon Awa (human)
Kee-Mo-Shi (marro)
Runa (kyrie)

Einar Imperium, The (kyrie)
Heavy Gruts (orc)
Shades of Bleakwoode (undead)
Tagawa Samurai Archers (human)
Zombies of Morindan (undead)

Fields of Valor (2007)

Esenwein, Cyprien (undead)
Esenwein, Iskra (undead)
Esenwein, Marcu (undead)
Esenwein, Sonya (undead)
Isamu (human)
Kyntela Gwyn (elf)
Warden 816 (soulborg)

Ashigaru Harquebus (human)
Ashigaru Yari (human)
Rechets of Bogdan (undead, unique)
Templar Cavalry (human)

Promotional Figure (2007)

Master Win Chiu Woo (human)

Swarm of the Marro Master Set (2007)

Major Q10 (soulborg)
Marro Hive (marro)
Raelin the Kyrie Warrior (kyrie)
Sgt Drake Alexander (human)
Shiori (human)
Sonlen (elf)
Tor-Kul-Na (marro)

Marrden Nagrubs (nagrubs, 2 squads)
Marro Drudge (marro, 2 squads)
Marro Stingers (marro, 2 squads)

Defenders of Kinsland (2008)

Arkmer (elf)
Chardris (elf)
Emirroon (elf)
Jorhdawn (elf)
Kato Katsuro (human)
Moriko (human)
Otonashi (human)
Sir Dupuis (human)
Ulginesh (elf)

10th Regiment of Foot (human)
Grok Riders (marro)
Wolves of Dabru (wolf)

Aquilla's Alliance (2008)

Gurei-Oni (ogre)
Sujoah (insect)
Wo-Sa-Ga (marro)
Zelrig (dragon)
Zetacron (soulborg)

Ticalla Jungle (2008)

Fyorlag Spiders (arachnid)

Blackmoon's Siege (2009)

Atlaga the Kyrie Warrior (kyrie)
Brave Arrow (human)
Kumiko (human)
Migol Ironwill (dwarf)
Tul-Bak-Ra (marro)

Axegrinders of Burning Forge (dwarf)
Capuan Gladiators (human)
Marro Dividers (marro)
Mohican River Tribe (human)
Omnicron Repulsors (soulborg)
Protectors of Ullar (kyrie)

Valkrill's Gambit (2009)

Nerak the Glacian Swog Rider (orc)
Sir Hawthorne (human)

Blastatrons (soulborg)
Deathreavers (soulborg)
Deathstalkers (soulborg)
Elite Onyx Vipers (vipers, unique)
Granite Guardians (elementars)
Quasatch Hunters (quasatch)
Warriors of Ashra (elf)

Master Set: Dungeons and Dragons - Battle for the Underdark (2010)

Ana Karithon (human)
Darrak Ambershard (dwarf)
Erevan Sunshadow (eladrin)
Feral Troll (troll)
Othkurik the Black Dragon (dragon)
Pelloth (drow)
Tandros Kreel (human)

Deepwyrm Drow (drow)

Champions of the Forgotten Realm (2010)

Air Elemental (elemental, common)
Brandis Skyhunter (half-elf)
Drow Chainfighter (drow, common)
Earth Elemental (elemental, common)
Estivara (drow)
Fen Hydra (hydra, uncommon)
Fire Elemental (elemental, common)
Greater Ice Elemental (elemental, uncommon)
Mogrimm Forgehammer (dwarf)
Sahuagin Raider (sahuagin, common)
Sharwin Wildborn (eladrin)
Torin (cyclops)
Water Elemental (elemental, common)
Wyvern (wyvern, uncommon)

Greenscale Warriors (lizardfolk)
Phantom Knights (undead)

Warriors of Eberron (2010)

Black Wyrmling (dragon, common)
Blue Wyrmling (dragon, common)
Heirloom (warforged)
Iron Golem (golem, uncommon)
Kurrok the Elementist (hobgoblin)
Mika Connour (human)
Mind Flayer Mastermind (mind flayer, uncommon)
Ogre Warhulk (ogre, uncommon)
Red Wyrmling (dragon, common)
Rhogar Dragonspine (dragonborn)
Shurrak (giant)
Werewolf Lord (lycanthrope, uncommon)
White Wyrmling (dragon, common)

Goblin Cutters (goblins)
Warforged Soldiers (warforged)

Moltenclaw's Invasion (2010)

Eltahale (goliath)
Evar Scarcarver (human)
Frost Giant of Morh (giant, uncommon)
Ice Troll Berserker (troll, uncommon)
Master of the Hunt (firbolg, uncommon)
Moltenclaw (dragon)
Ogre Pulverizer (ogre, uncommon)
Siege (warforged)

Death Chasers of Thesk (orcs)
Death Knights of Valkrill (undead)
Horned Skull Brutes (goblins)
Mezzodemon Warmongers (demons)

This list includes only official expansions. All heroes are unique and all squads are common unless noted otherwise.

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