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Hannah Montana Girl Talk

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Hannah Montana Girl Talk

Hannah Montana Girl Talk

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The Bottom Line

Fans of the Hannah Montana television show on Disney Channel should enjoy Hannah Montana Girl Talk, which is based on the traditional Truth or Dare. Players spin a wheel which determines whether they have to answer a question or perform a stunt. Each question and stunt has a point value. The first player to earn 25 points wins the game.

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  • Appeals to fans of the Disney television show Hannah Montana.
  • Updates the classic parlor game Truth or Dare.


  • Extremely limited appeal to those who are not Hannah Montana fans.
  • The spin-wheels have just 104 spaces, which could limit replayability.


  • For 2 or more players, ages 8 and up.
  • Published by Milton Bradley / Hasbro. No designer credited.
  • Includes 96 Hannah montana "secret" cards, plastic game tray, two double-sided stunt/question wheels, wheel assembly, rules.

Guide Review - Hannah Montana Girl Talk

Hannah Montana Girl Talk is an updated take on Truth or Dare. On each turn, players spin a wheel with 26 spaces on it. One of those spaces will be visible through a window, and that determines what the player whose turn it is will do.

There are three options: a question or stunt space, a "make up your own" question or stunt space, and a "take a Hannah Montana Secret Card from each pile" space.

If she spins a question or stunt, the player must either answer the question or perform a stunt. Questions are along the lines of, "Miley loves oatmeal! What's your favorite breakfast cereal?" and "Oliver was once obsessed with Hannah Montana! What star do you like and why?" Stunts include "Strut it! Pretend to be Hannah Montana wearing the latest fashions, and do the 'runway walk.'" and "Switch shoes with another player for the rest of the game."

"Make up your own question or stunt" is exactly what it sounds like. The other players get to consult each other and make up a question or stunt for the player who spins it.

Questions and stunts are worth 3, 5 or 10 points each.

When a player spins a "take a Hannah Montana Secret Card from each pile" space, she takes one card from each of four piles and then decides which cards she wants to give to the other players. The cards -- with such descriptions as "Never gives up!," "A daydreamer!" and "Can decorate anything!" -- don't have any point value, but only the winner gets to look at the cards she has been given at the end of the game.

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