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Gameplay in Brief:

In Touring, players compete to be the first to complete a trip of 590 miles by playing mileage cards. Your opponents try to slow you down with cards like "puncture" and "out of gasoline."

The Basics:

For 2 to 6 players, ages 8 and up. About 30 minutes per game.


The designer of Touring was not credited.


First published by the Wallie Dorr Co. in 1906, Touring was picked up by Parker Brothers in 1925. It has also been published by University Games.

Why Touring is Part of the Games Timeline:

Touring is an early auto racing game, published in numerous editions through 1975 and the inspiration for Mille Bornes, which is still in print today.

Here are the other games I believe are the most culturally and historically significant games published since 1800.

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