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Scene It? DVD Game

Scene It? DVD Game

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Gameplay in Brief:

Using the included DVD, players answer a series of movie trivia questions to advance along the track on the game board. The various types of questions take good advantage of the visual nature of watching a DVD. Scene It? stands out because it uses DVD technology in very creative ways. But it's also an excellent movie trivia game.


For 2 to 20 players (best with 4 to 6 players), ages 12 and up. About 30 minutes per game.


Scene It? was designed by Dave Long and Craig Kinzer.


Scene It? is published by Screenlife. The first edition of Scene It? was published in 2002.


Scene It? is a movie trivia game and a DVD game.

Why Scene It? is Part of the Games Timeline:

Scene It? incorporated a DVD into gameplay, paving the way for many DVD-based games which followed. Here are the other games I believe are the most culturally and historically significant games published since 1800.

Additional Scene It? Games:

Numerous Scene It? games have been published since the original, including editions based on Disney, ESPN, Friends, Harry Potter, James Bond, Seinfeld, Star Trek, Turner Classic Movies, and more.
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