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Million Dollar Password

Million Dollar Password

Image courtesy of Endless Games

Gameplay in Brief:

Based on the television game show of the same name, Password challenges players to get their teammates to say a word before the other team does the same. The catch is that only one-word clues are permitted.


For 3 or 4 players (definitely best with 4), ages 10 and up. Password takes about 30 minutes per game.


Password, originally published in 1962 by Milton Bradley, is based on a television game show. Through the years, many editions of Password have been published. In 2008, Endless Games published Million Dollar Password, based on an updated version of the game show starring Regis Philbin.


Password is a word game.

Why Password is Part of the Games Timeline:

Password is believed to be the first "forbidden word" clue-giving game, a predecessor of games like Taboo, 25 Words or Less and Catchphrase.

Here are the other games I believe are the most culturally and historically significant games published since 1800.


Password is on my list of the best game show games.

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