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Hare & Tortoise, Rio Grande Games edition

Image courtesy of Rio Grande Games

Gameplay in Brief:

You must eat carrots to move forward in this race game, but you earn more carrots by moving backward. And as you move forward in larger chunks, the number of carrots it takes grows exponentially. To top it off, you can't cross the finish line first with more than 10 carrots in your stash. Hare and Tortoise is a unique and challenging race game that's been reprinted numerous times since it first appeared.


For 2 to 6 players, ages 8 and up. About 45 minutes per game.


Hare and Tortoise was designed by David Parlett.


Hare and Tortoise, originally published in 1979 by Gibsons Games, has also been published by about a dozen companies, including Abacus, Ravensburger, Rio Grande Games, and Waddingtons Games.


Hare & Tortoise is a race game that focuses on card hand management.


Hare & Tortoise won the 1979 Spiel des Jahres award.

Also by David Parlett:

Parlett also designed Ninety-Nine (1967), Indiscretion (1986), the Gnumies (2001), 7 Safari (2000), and numerous other games.

Why Hare and Tortoise is Part of the Games Timeline:

Hare and Tortoise won the first Spiel des Jahres, Germany's prestigious award for Family Game of the Year. Here are the other games I believe are the most culturally and historically significant games published since 1800.

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